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Re: [RC] Ugly Skin Stuff - Sky Ranch

Sounds like allergic reaction to me, hives?
Carla Richardson
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Sent: Friday, January 20, 2006 8:23 PM
Subject: [RC] Ugly Skin Stuff

I went out yesterday morning to start getting ready to leave for the Fire Mountain ride.
When I got my mare out, I noticed swelling on her right rear leg below the hock, with what appeared at first to be scrapes. I thought maybe she rolled into the hot wire and got caught.
When I looked her over more thoroughly, I noticed she had bumps about 1-2 inches in diameter over her hindquarters, on her stomach and some on her back legs. Under her long winter coat there were dime-sized bald weepy areas. The ones on her back leg were all weepy looking and swollen. The ones on her stomach area had a lot of swelling.
Needless to day, I've cancelled out of the ride. Her temperature is normal, she is eating, running around and playing.
She had shots Monday morning - flu, rhino & West Nile. My vet here says if she had a reaction to the shots, it would have been in 24 hours. She has never had any reaction to any vaccinations before.
Has anyone seen anything like this? She is totally normal in every other way. I have washed these sores with a betadine solution and applied a topical ointment to soothe them, but them seem really itchy to her.  I would be more worried except she feels so good! She just looks terrible.
And - we (were) getting ready for our first 100 next month - help!
Peggy Bergman-Smith
Bear Valley Springs, CA

[RC] Ugly Skin Stuff, Peggy B-Smith