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Re: [RC] finding time to train for a 50? - Chrystal

HI Tracey :-) I found time by hiring a cleaning lady (  I decided I would rather skip going out for dinner once a week and use that $ for the cleaning lady. :-)) I would hire a baby-sitter or ( preferably) made deals with my other Mom friends, I would have their kids one afternoon, they would have mine another afternoon ( and I could go riding!!) I got VERY serious with my husband, I told him that in order to do long distance-- riding was no longer an OPTION it was a NEED!:-) I could not go ride 25 or 50 miles w.out the conditioning- so I asked him to be home by 5:30 Monday's and wed's , he needed to schedule appt's ,meetings etc.... on other days --on those two days when he got home I would meet him on the porch say "dinner' is on the stove bye!!" and leave to ride, usually getting home after my youngest was in bed. Riding became my focus, so outside of the kids,cooking, looking after the house, p.time working all I did was ride!!Nothing else, I just didn't have the time. :-) I would get up at 6:00 a.m. on Sundays so I could ride for a couple of hours before doing "family" stuff  often I was home before they were up!(this is when my hubby realized I was REALLY serious because I am a total night owl and HATE mornings!!:-))
I changed from viewing my riding as something I could do when I had time ( which just never happens:-)) to something that was going to happen- we always  find time for our kids to get to soccer games, dance lessons , hockey games etc.... so I found time for ME to!:-) And if that meant the kids or hubby gave something up( like dance lesson's) I decided to be o.k. with that- I am a much happier and healthier person since I decided to make riding a priority in my life and we all know that a happy Mommy means  a happy family!!!:-)

Good luck!!:-)

[RC] finding time to train for a 50?, tracey smith