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Re: [RC] de/elevate - John Teeter

At 05:07 AM 1/16/2006, you wrote:
Without risk of failure there is no goal. No Victory. 

Don't take offence anyone, please, but ....

there are lots of reasons to enjoy endurance beyond the rigid 
gottaHaveAnExtremeGoal approach. The trail, mile after mile, the horse, mile 
after mile, etc.  

The whole goal of this discussion was to look at ways to lower the (mental) 
barrier to entry to the 100 mile distance - the (perceived) barrier to entry 
which MIGHT encourage more people to try the distance. I get the feeling that 
Annie's comment above exemplifies a kind of thinking - right or wrong - which 
keeps the barrier to entry high and makes the 100 mile distance seem more 
exclusive than it needs to be.

I'm not much in favor of the idea of graduated completion mileage, but I am in 
favor of keeping an open mind with respect to new approaches to the sport.

I've only done 1 100 (thanks annie hall and steph:) and likely will not do 
another UNLESS I happen across another 100 mile horse;), but the passion needed 
to undertake endurance (no matter what the distance) is compelling. 

I'd bet that there would be almost no takers of the "de-elevator" concept were 
it to be tried. Just like there are almost no takers when it comes to elevator 
rides (how many ACTUALLY elevate anyway??), so in my mind, this is not a large 
issue - it won't dilute the 100 mile mystic b/c it will likely never be used, 
but it MIGHT lower the mental barrier to entry which keeps people off the 100 
mile trail (or it might not - but we'll never know that if it's never tried:)


(p.s. It would be good for Tom Dean to come back in and summarize this 
particular discussion now. there have been many pros/cons put forward in a 
civil way - and it (the discussion) is kind of degenerating:)

(http://www.endurance.net/tontonationalforrest/campcreek/large/ )


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[RC] de/elevate, Annie