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[RC] Re-Elevate, Re-evaluate - Ridecamp Guest

Please Reply to: Howard Bramhall howard9732@xxxxxxx or ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Why not do it?  If the members of AERC are worried about losing the 100, why 
not allow anyone to enter the 100, finish only 25, 50 or 75 and get credit for 
those miles (completion only).  If we are so worried about losing the 100 miler 
sport within AERC, wouldn't this be a fantastic idea to bring it back?

How many times have you seen the start of a 100 with less than ten riders?  
Nobody gets credit for points and all that cause there were not enough riders 
who started the ride for it to count.  That would bug me and cause 
consideration to enter a crowded 50 miler, where I would get the points and 
credit, instead.  I've been to rides where managmene has begged other riders to 
step up (Cowboy Ed always comes through) so that they could meet their minimum 
quota for the ride to count.  How many rides that used to have 100's no longer 
do, due to lack of participation?  If we want to bring back the 100s we might 
want to consider this type of change to make it happen.

What on earth are we so afraid of losing here?  The lack of 100 milers has 
deteriorated to the point where some sort of change in attracting more of them 
is necessary.  This just might have some merit if folks could get off their 
high horse and realize that things do not have to always remain the way they 
"were" for us to be able to define what is endurance and who its true members 
are.  Kat says only 100 milers are true endurance riders (even though the AERC 
definition differs).  OThers say we gotta continue chewing nails until all our 
teeth fall out to be tough enough to meet their definition of what an endurance 
rider is.

If a group is unwilling to ever make changes, the times will just go and pass 
us all by.  We will dry up and wither on the vine. This really is not watering 
down the sport at all.  It's not such a bad idea.  Make the start of the 100, 
at your local ride, look like the start of the Biltmore 100 in May.  More 
riders than you can count.

And, no offense to Buddy, I say the Ride Manager keeps all of the entry fee for 
the distance; no refunds because you didn't finish every mile.  This way, you 
pay to enter the 100 and even if your intention is to only go as far as your 
horse is able to do so safely and remain healthy, you get the credit for the 
miles you completed, and the manager keeps the change.  If you want to be able 
to tell others you entered a 100 miler, you pay the price for it.

Howard (how bout them Steelers?)

I see difference between ' elevator concept' and what Steph was saying as ..  
in points, and why ?? so few elevate. ..
 why should I enter  a 50 - say, and  ride well, finish with points in a 
division. * This is rhetorical.*   And 'throw it all aside', points,etc.    to 
elevate to another mileage to get mileage completion only.??... With  I what 
stated above, the 'glory' is only in finishing the 100. With that - I will say 
I never rode for 'points',  I rode  primarily for 'fun'; we  just did what we 
could that day, and I did a couple 100s,  I may or may not do any again, but... 
but I like the concept of  'mileage only , or go for  ' the  100 '. JMO 
Stephanie M

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