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Re: [RC] 100's again - RDCARRIE

In a message dated 1/14/2006 11:26:24 AM Central Standard Time, WRSINOSKY@xxxxxxx writes:

In this world today, we are always trying to be nicer, constantly changing the rules so nobody gets their little feelings hurt.

Cindy, you have summed it up perfectly.  Let's quit trying to make EVERYONE a winner!!!  Not everyone can go home with a prize!!!  That is, unless they complete the entire mileage with a horse judged fit to continue.  Will someone please explain to me what is wrong with attempting a 100, and having to pull at 50 or 75 or 80 miles because the rider is exhausted, too sore to continue, or whatever???  Because I just don't understand.  I had to pull RO on my very first attempt at a 50 because my bad knee was in such agony that I could no longer bear weight on it...and I have a darned high pain tolerance.  Do I wish I could have gotten credit for 37 or 38 miles (whatever I had completed at that point)??  NO!!  I set out to ride 50 miles and I didn't make it.  I came back another day and DID make the entire 50 miles...and was on top of the world.  I find the whole concept of de-elevators and partial credit for rides utterly repulsive.

Dawn in East Texas