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RE: [RC] Who says it's Humid? - Sharon Levasseur

Oh my goodness, thank you for the laugh, I needed it today of all
-Sharon L.
*who really doesn't want kids right now but who just found out she might be
pregnant and will find out in an hour when the blood test comes back*

Quoting Paul Sidio <Paul@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

Here in the Missouri Ozarks the past few days it has  been the heat and the
humidity. Our thermometers have bumped into triple digits for a couple of
days now. Things have gotten so bad that my neighbor had  an episode of
delerium last night.  He called me at 7:30 pm and said " Hey it's getting
nice out. Let's go riding."

I took a look at the current temp and replied " Junior, It is still  95
degrees out there ."  He then said, "Yep. It's sure enough cooling off. Let's

A few minutes later my wife asked who had called. I told her that our
neighbor was delerious and crazy. He was headed out for a ride in the State
conservation forest we border. I told her I was terribly worried about him.
Only a complete maniac would want to go riding in this kind of heat and
humidity. Plus it was so close to dark, that any ride would end up finishing
in thick tree cover with no moonlight what so ever. It sticky hot, no breeze
at all... What kind of idiot would even think such a thing?

She asked me why I was changing my clothes and had my riding shoes out?  I
replied " Heck I can't let him go out there alone, can  I?"

Paul N. Sidio
Spokane MO


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RE: [RC] Who says it's Humid?, Paul Sidio