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[RC] Pasos/Purina info.... - Melody Wong

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From: Holland, Dawn [mailto:Dawn.Holland@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Wednesday, July 19, 2006 12:10 PM
To: Melody Wong
Subject: RE: Contact Purina Mills - Equine Nutrition Site


We appreciate your concern. Below is the information from our Equine Nutritionist, Dr. Karen Davison.  She is working closely with the veterinarians and other professionals involved.  There is no reason not to feed Strategy.   


There has been a farm in Texas that tragically lost 25 - 26 horses since this past Saturday afternoon.  Due to the magnitude of this loss, it has drawn the attention of news media in the area and has apparently found life on the internet.  This farm does feed bulk Strategy, but there are no indications at this point that the feed was defective in any way as it was manufactured and delivered to the farm.  None of the veterinarians involved are indicating that Strategy caused this problem and they are investigating other potential causative factors.  Nothing has been determined for sure because tests take time, but the farm owner and the veterinarians are not blaming the feed and the farm is feeding sacked Strategy currently.  However, the rumor mill is spreading faster than a California wild fire and folks are saying Strategy caused these deaths.  Texas A&M is doing necropsy work and analysis on several horses and Dr. Stacie Appleton and Dr. Leo Eldridge are involved in this case.  Stacie has been to the farm and to Texas A&M and is working with Dr. Eldridge to offer any help we can.  The farm owner is appreciative of our interest and help. 




Thanks and have a good day! :-)


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From: Melody Wong [mailto:wrecksduke@xxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Wednesday, July 19, 2006 11:54 AM
To: *PMIWeb
Subject: Contact Purina Mills - Equine Nutrition Site

Contact Purina Mills Equine Nutrition

Request from: Ms. Melody Wong

Address: 10524 Johanna Ave

City: Shadow Hills State: CA Zip Code: 91040

E-mail: wrecksduke@xxxxxxxxxxx

Phone: (818) 353-6970 Fax:

Which best describes you?: Owner

Which dealer are you working with?: East valley Feed

Would you like to be contacted by a Purina Mills Representative?: Yes

My question, comment or request is... See email I pasted below. Any info/comments on this before chaos errupts. Melody 25 Peruvian Paso horses die over night! What a sad story. Just sharing this info with you. I have no idea what killed the horses, but they do suspect the feed, which i heard was Purina Stragey. Again...this was not confirmed and if you do not trust your feed, please contact the dealer. http://www.theeagle.com/stories/071806/local_20060718011.php

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