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Re: [RC] The CorrecTOR - Sharon Levasseur

I've never had this problem myself but an old riding buddy of mine did.  Her
horse was WAY higher in the rump, and she ended up buying a custom saddle from
Annie George.  She was very pleased with the saddle she received... it fit her
mare perfectly and was well balanced for the rider... but I think she told me
that the service she received during the sale and construction process was
below-average.  I know I remember her waiting a LOOOONG time for it.

Anyway, my point is, if you take precise measurements and photos of your horse's
back, a quality saddle-maker should be able to make a saddle to fit.  The down
side is you need to be prepared to spend big bucks... probably over $1500-2000
if I had to guess.

-Sharon L.

Quoting susan x <akela_2777@xxxxxxxxx>:

Hi,  I'm new to ride camp and to endurance riding.  I've been working towards
making it to a ride to "ride" the ride instead of volunteering for about 9
months now but have had many obstacles along the way and am trying to do
things slow and right.  To make things short, I bought a new, younger, bigger
horse than I had started with because I'm a heavy weight rider.  Anyway,
since purchasing Jez (new horse) I've had saddle fitting problems after
another and it's always in the wither area.  I've tried Western treed
saddles, Plantation treed saddles, and now my newest purchase an English
endurance saddle with air flocking.  I'm steadily setting myself up to be a
tack shop, LOL!!  Getting back to my question.  I've just now figured out why
all these saddles aren't working.  I've taken her in to my vets a couple of
times for a sore back and this past time we had plenty of time to talk and
look closely at her, or shall I say stand back.  Her rump is significantly
taller than her
 withers putting her back in a downhill slope and that's when I really hurt
her back is when we take on down hills.  I do use a crupper but it doesn't
help enough.  I've spent MANY hours on the net searching this problem and
there's not much information for horses like this.  I came across Len Browns
"The CorrecTOR" pad and his sight was very informative and it sounds like it
might work, but he won't take returns so I was wondering if anyone has used
one and what the results were?  Or if anyone has had saddle fitting problems
similar to mine due to rump being higher than withers?  My mentor/ endurance
riding friend and I are about to pull our hair out with this problem.  Any
help will be very welcomed.

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[RC] The CorrecTOR, susan x