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Re: [RC] Horse Management in Excessive Heat - Truman Prevatt

While I don't see days over 100 - we do see days in the 90's with close to 100% in humidity. This is usually a short period about this time of year. The horses will literally stand in the shade with sweat pouring off them.

I have free choice loose salt available all the time. I'm not sure the average horse will get enough from a lick before its tongue get sore even when it is not that hot. When it gets that hot I also put some balanced electrolytes (the ones I use at rides) in their food. When they come up in the evening or any other time I'm at the bard I take the hose to them and if they want hosed down they get it. The all come up for it so I expect it feels good.

This time of year they are on grass. I feed them twice a day to basically get supplements in them - FL grass isn't that balanced for vitamins and minerals. The horses that are working get more feed. Yes I ride mine all year - was out this morning. But there is normally a thunderstorm in the area in the afternoon/evening so the mornings tend to be cooler around here.

My horses have a place they can get out of the sun which is critical in this heat. I have two of them clipped. We ride them some and they get longer summer coats than the others. Not long but too long for our heat.

So my four things is to give them a place to escape the sun - a place where they can also get the breeze if there is one. Always have free choice salt available and when its really bad put some electrolytes in the feed. Clip if necessary and hose them down every once in awhile.


Jody Rogers-Buttram wrote:
I would like to hear other's ideas on this as well. N. Alabama is "on fire". We too are having consecutive days of over 100 degrees.
So, post so all can see!!!

*/Beth Leggieri <trailyaya@xxxxxxxxx>/* wrote:

    Like much of the other parts of the U.S., northeast Texas is in
    the grip of a major heatwave. Consecutive days above 100 degrees.
    Today it was 96 by 10 am; it's now just 2 pm and already 104.
    Night temperatures aren't going much below the low-mid 80s so the
    horses aren't getting a "cooling break" even during the night.
    Am interested in some discussion about horse management during
    heat waves (beyond the obvious--access to cool fresh water, free
    choice salt, shade). Change in feed protocol? Mandatory e-lyte
    supplementation to make up loss during excessive sweating? Change
    in amount of forage, which produces heat?
    Denton, TX
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Re: [RC] Horse Management in Excessive Heat, Jody Rogers-Buttram