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[RC] TB Racing, Soundness, Speed, Hooves - Gloria Adams

Hi, my 2 cents for what its worth…


There has always been the issue of “they race them too young” by non-horsetrack people (which I agree with, & am one).


However, I think there is another disturbing trend going on in the Thoroughbred &/or racing world (& I am backed up by Penny Cherney, Secretariat’s owner & breeder)…


Soundness/big bone is not being bred for by the TB racing world anymore, only speed.


If you study TB pedigrees, you will see this (& I am talking 8 hrs/day for 3 years [or more] type of studying, before you could understand what Penny Cherney meant).


IMHO, there are very few people with Class that are breeding TBs anymore, this includes non-USA. Trying to dominate TB international/USA racing with toothpick legged, shelly hooved speed horses (who STILL cannot breed a Secretariat, or Kelso, or Ruffian’s records etc), IMO is classless.


Breed class. Classy horses have speed, good bone & stamina.


Lets face it, those classless (International & USA) people just want money/fame & greed…


It is even more about money than it was in the 1970s (my era). In fact I just read the book (for example) of the money hungry “new” horse people in TB racing (& I use the term “horsepeople” loosely. They are not. A horse is a commodity like rice or soybeans to them).


Read this book & weep (I have): Wild Ride: The Rise and Fall of Calumet Farm Inc., America's Premier Racing Dynasty