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Re: [RC] Barbaro - Sky Ranch

<<It would be interesting to raise a group of Arabians, and TBs on good
grass pasture, on say a 1000 A hilly ranch where they had to travel miles
each day to get feed and water.  I'd bet that their development and age when
growth stopped would be pretty similar in both groups.


I agree with you 100%, Ed.  I have a 3 year TB colt that is now over 16'2".
When he was 18 months old and I realized that his peers had started their
race training, I couldn't believe it.  He was so very immature - actually,
he just NOW maturing, physically, mentally and emotionally.  He's halter
broke and has manners, but I haven't even started him under saddle.  Yes,
he's TALL and he's BIG, but ... he's really not ready for anything serious.
I don't know how to explain it.  He's just not ready.  Yet, his peers were
running in the Triple Crown races this spring.

I fed him grain and pelleted "complete" type growth feeds when he was a
baby, and weaned, and throughout his first two years, but then slacked off
on that.  Right now, he is only getting minerals and a very high quality
grass hay.  He looks great.  He's big-boned and filled out, and sane.

I do know why the TB's and QH's are started so early, not only in racing,
but in the other "futurities" like snaffle bit, reining, cutting, pleasure,
etc.  It costs a LOT of money to raise a colt -- I started on this colt in
March of 2002, when I bred his dam.  Four years later, I now have a 3 year
old colt, and I still can't ride him.  He sure is a pretty pasture ornament,
though, and I know that some day, he's going to be a great riding horse.
Luckily, I'm one of those idiots that enjoys feeding, and watching, my
horses, as well as riding them.  I suspect that most of the people on this
list are the same!

Happy trails,
Carla Richardson


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