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Re: [RC] Barbaro - Jackie Causgrove

There was a full investigation regarding Barbaro's accident.  Here's a summary.
Tracks conditions were extremely fast.  The day before about an inch of surface had been scraped off and the track compacted down; in effect, making the track lightening fast but also like concrete.
When Barbaro broke, he was interfered with my another horse.  In the videos, his hind foot was stepped on my the other horse, while both horses were accelerating to speed around 40 mph.
That is when the initial injury occurred.
Because of the amount of adrenaline, in all likelihood, Barbaro never felt the initial injury and everything was telling him (Barbaro to go, go go!!!).
So, Barbaro did what any normal racehorse would do;  He continued running and that's when the shattering of the hind leg occurred.
Babaro's stud is known for putting good bone density of his get.  It was not felt (per the vets) that this was a reason for his breakdown.
Also, vets stated that there was no evidence of any previous injury to the hind leg (I am assuming by how the non injured portion of the bones looked).
So, it was a whole host of reasons why Barbaro's injury was as severe as it is.
Go look at the Bloodhorse site.  There is a lot of info there.

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Re: [RC] Barbaro, Tiffany D'Virgilio