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Re: [RC] Big Horn 50-100 results - Karla Watson

Did the group that went over time finish the whole 100 miles even though they were overtime? Or did they pull out there somewhere? I'm sorry to hear my friend Max didn't make it but I'm sure he would be happier finishing the whole 100 miles even if he went overtime.
----------Karla Watson/Portland, ORegon
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Sent: Sunday, July 16, 2006 9:19 AM
Subject: [RC] Big Horn 50-100 results

I am NOT sure this is official but it should help settle some folks!!
Lory! You should be very proud of "your" little bay!
Sent: Sunday, July 16, 2006 9:53 AM
Cecily WON the 50!!!!!  6 hours 2 minutes. (18 start, 12 finish...two opted to go on to 100)

100 miles: 24 start, 8 finish.  Lots got lost between Antelope Butte and Jack Creek, so many did not complete on time: Dave Raab, Sala and Tom Sherman, Tom Noll, Max, Tracy Blue, Joyce Anderson...

I did the 25....had a wonderful ride.  6 start/6 finish....

HOT, HOT, HOT..even at Antelope Butte.

Cannot wait to get out of Wyoming!!! (just kidding).. Cecily will be back before me, Rosie may not come (too hot).  Think we will spend tomorrow staying in an air conditioned Jeep at Yellowstone.


50 Miles  (18 start)

1 Cecily Westervelt 6:02
2 Linda Browneller 6:12
3  Sonja Camero 6:12 BC
4 Kathy Arnold 6:13
5 Maureen Jewell 6:13
6 Phyllis Arnold 7:03
7 Emily Richardson 7:03
8 Bryla Jones 7:03
9 Cherie Crinager Borer 7:04
10 Teresa Van Hove 7:21
11 Jennifer Funk 8:28
12 Mary Burgeee 8:28

100 Miles (24 start)

1 Suzanne Ford Huff
2 Kerry Grear
3 Cindy Wagner
4 Dorothy Sue Phillips
5 Emily Matthews
6  Steph Teeter
7 Betina Koehn
8 Joyce Mocilan

[RC] Big Horn 50-100 results, Double 8 Ranch