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[RC] good book - Anita Messenger


"Farmer's Field Guide to the NAIS"

"Your 330-page, independent and authoritative guide to
the NAIS, its history and ultimate purpose. In
step-by-step fashion, the authors separate fact from
fiction, governmental propaganda from what the law and
the regulations actually say, and explain the
every-day consequences attached to the NAIS."

If you want answers, this book has them. 

Since I last posted on here some months ago, I've had
quite an education about this subject. The more I
learned, the badder it is, involving international
trade treaties signed in 1994, the USDA in
profit-making partnership with private
agri-corporations that the USDA regulates, and more. 

In our state, there is now a new organization called
the Arkansas Animal Producer's Association that is
fighting this. It's to give the non-factory farm
animal owners a voice. Legislators are finally waking
up and digging into the NAIS themselves, and many are
alarmed and publically coming out against it. Our
first statewide meeting will be this Sunday in Conway,
Arkansas at the Agora starting at 4 p.m., if there are
any Arkansans on here who would like to attend.
Several candidates for public office and legislators
will be there. 

We now know of three Arkansas equine vets who will no
longer be treating equines if this goes through and a
fourth one who is thinking about doing the same. 

Consider this little gem that just came out a few days


Millions of U.S. citizens are to be recruited as
domestic informants. The program is to use a minimum
of 4 per cent of Americans to report "suspicious
activity". Highlighting the scope of the surveillance
network, TIPS volunteers are being recruited primarily
from among those whose work provides access to homes,
businesses or transport systems. Letter carriers,
utility employees, truck drivers and train conductors
are among those named as targeted recruits. 

It should be noted that on page 27 of the USDA
proposed draft for the NAIS it states: 

Reporting Animal Movement/Sightings

Records that provide animal location and movements
would be received from various sectors of the industry
(producers, animal health officials, service
providers, markets and slaughter plants). Such input
would be obtained through the integration of the
AIN/Animal Transaction file. 

Animal Health Officials: Veterinarians, inspectors,
humane societies, etc. 
Service Providers: your friendly electric utility
workers, gas delivery drivers, meter readers, postal
workers and other members of the public. 
Markets - Auction houses, retail stores, restaurant
Slaughter Houses - Your local butcher

Thanks to Walter for the details. http://nonais.org 

We have a friend who is in charge of the elec. meter
readers for this part of Arkansas. When we gave him
this information last week, he was outraged. He is
going to his superiors about it. 

We have a single woman friend who owns a small
hardware store. She also sells some feed and hay as a
service to us locals. With the feed dealers, they are
being required to keep records of anyone who buys feed
from them so they are in effect being forced to *spy*
involuntarily. Our friend recognized this immediately,
and is going to stop selling the feed and hay. She
also owns horses - she is looking at not only "spying"
for the government on her customers, but being in the
position of being "spied on" by her own vet, meter
readers, etc. 

There is more to this thing than just giving numbers
to animals and premises, and "tracking diseases". And
it does affect *everyone*, not just animal owners. 

More information can be found at:


Anita in Arkansas 

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