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[RC] Micro-chipping - WRSINOSKY

Although I am seriously considering getting all of my horses micro-chipped for my own piece of mind, I take great exception with it becoming a Federal mandate.

To my limited knowledge most of the "diseases" they are so worried about and are using as an excuse to track every living creature we own (which would be impossible by the way...just expensive for us), were brought here from outside the country.  Wouldn't it be more feasible to regulate what is coming "into" the U.S. instead of "out of"?

Also, since we do not habitually butcher and eat our horses, why must our horses be micro-chipped?  Oh wait!  That's right!  Europe and Japan eat horses and we slaughter and ship ours to them.  Well, since there is alot of clamor about closing slaughter houses anyway, why not discontinue shipping horsemeat out of the country.

If they want to persist with tracking cattle, I could maybe understand it, from a business standpoint.  However, I see the government tracking our cattle herds about as well as they do in managing the illegals coming in droves across borders.  I've heard for large cattle, chicken, pig and horse operations, they would assign one number per herd and it would be the little guys with small herds who would end up paying for each animal. 

So, before we all bob our heads in agreement and accept this as a good idea, perhaps we should all investigate what it really means.

Cindy Edwards (putting up her flame shields as she hits "send now")