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[RC] RC Making your own PVC panels - Paul Sidio

A few years ago, I had the bright idea of makingf my own portable corral out of PVC.  To cut to the chase, here is what happened.
Buying lots of 2 inch pvc pipe.......  $ 89,05
Running around to several different hardware stores and cleaning them out of 2 inch "t"s and 90 degree angle pieces to hook up the pvc........ $20.00
The "T"s, 90 degree pieces, purple stuff to put on the PVC, and glue.....  $98.07
Another trip to the hardware store to get a hacksaw to cut the PVC.........  $12.32
(No I wasn't dumb enough to start the project without owning a hacksaw, it was hiding there on the workbench. Once I went to the store and bought another hacksaw for it to play with, my original saw came out of hiding)
The time spent cutting, putting purple stuff on the pieces, glueing and putting the whole mess together..... Way too dang much. 
The look on my horses face the first time he went to rub his itchy butt  on the panels and they collapsed like a Lincoln Log house ( for those of you too young to remember Lincoln Logs, just know it fell faster than Enron Stock).... Priceless
 (with apologies to the Master Card people)
When it happened, He looked over his shoulder with wide eyes that semed to ask,  "now what the heck was that?". Then he slowly turned around lowered his head to the pile of pvc on the ground, sniffed, and then turned away.
 My horse enjoyed the game. He would lean into the panels and they would fall apart. I would run out there, utter a few choice words, spread purple stuff everywhere, glue it back together... and then he would lean against a different panel.   He wouldn't step over the pieces... Seemed to enjoy the game too much to leave. So I guess in one sense you could say the corral was doing its job.. Which was keeping my horse there. But I wouldn'r recommend it as a regular routine.
I do own a carri-lite corral and like it pretty well. I got the 5 foot tall model to discourage escape attempts. .
Paul Sidio
Spokane MO