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[RC] Black Ortho-Flex Crupper anyone? - rides2far

OK, anybody ever seen me mad, livid, furious, *swearing*????  (I don't
think any of you have) But those of us who don't usually swear, ever,
save it up for a day like today!

Josie and I have the original Ortho-Flex, black cruppers. The neoprene,
soft ones that you just have to put under the tail and snap for easy on
and off. Love'em. I've got 4 other cruppers from other makers hanging in
the barn that I will not put on a horse. I hate the stiff leather dock
pieces. The newer OF cruppers are OK, but they went to silver neoprene
and I prefer the original black. 

Well, Josie needed to replace that little strip of biothane that runs
from the crupper to the saddle since it had the outer coating peeling
off. Otherwise it was in perfect condition. ANXIOUSLY awaiting getting it
back since her horse had to use mine because he's got a melanoma under
his tail and has to have that nice soft neoprene. Well, it came back
today and I cannot believe it. The repair guy tried to take apart the
part that goes around the tail (don't ask me why, nothing was wrong with
it) couldn't put it back together so without bothering to e-mail me, he
converted the whole crupper over to the kind with 2 buckles that take
@!#%# forever put on and off and attatched it to  and a leather dock
piece and charged me $30!  I can't believe it. I HATE those cruppers!!!
If I wanted one of those I had 2 just like what he made dry rotting in
the barn! He destroyed a perfectly good black OF crupper that's not
replaceable! I feel for him because he probably put $50 worth of labor
into trashing it but that doesn't help me right now. Is this a stupid
thing for me to lose it over? If it had broken I wouldn't mind, it's just
the fact that it was destroyed that's killing me.  Honestly, livid is
such an understatement. So...now I"m minus a $60 crupper, paying $30 for
one I don't want, and will have to spend $60 to get a replacement for it
that's going to be DAD GUMMED SILVER and bigger around that my PERFECTLY
SHAPED black..

Does ANYONE have a used original black one they'd want to part with?

Angie, going out to scream in a pillow and beat the ground with a
baseball bat!


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