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RE: [RC] Hay packed gums - Libby & Quentin Llop DVM

It's called quiding. Horses do it to protect their cheeks from sharp teeth. It's a good sign that his teeth need floating.   Libby
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Subject: [RC] Hay packed gums

One of the horses I ride, a 6 yr.old palomino foxtrotter, for a neighbor, has acquired this odd habit of "storing" hay bites in his upper gums....
At first I thought it was foxtails stuck in his gums, as there are a lot of them this year...but when I put my finger up there to clean it out, it came out easily...I checked the next day, and same thing...not quite so much, but obviously, starting all over again....Has anyone heard or seen of such a thing...is there anything I could or should do to prevent this????  Will appreciate all advice and comment.  He eats good quality 4 way hay/

[RC] Hay packed gums, Jeannie Gillen