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Re: [RC] [RC] [RC] Small Acreage Management - Debbie Kirchner

Val, I use rotation and feed hay, the rich grass is not so good for them anyway, so a small acerage works for us here too.. I have 14 acres, but most of it is in Trees... I have about 4 acres in pasture, for 6 head... I have 2 herds of 3, and 3 pastures for each, plus each herd has a dry lot and run-in shed... I try to keep them moving 24/7, but I have not gotten that done yet... horse move in circles, and if you spread out thier food, shelter and water, they will move more... there is a great site that talks about this and has pictures of various setups
I have one pasture each that I keep SHORT short grass, they can go out on that all day, at night I will turn them out for a few hours on one of the other pens depending on how much grass is there, I have been working this summer, so this is what we did this year, normally however all spring, I put them out for 2 hours in the AM and 2 in the evening switching pastures... I have a rather large dry lot with Gravel and a little hill in it for them to play on...
I am in SE MN,


             Debbie in SE MN

         The Eagle shows the way....

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