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RE: [RC] [RC] Clinics/Seminars - Jennifer Adam

Kim and Angie both made a good point - but I just want to add that I *like* the fact that endurance riders are self-motivated and often self-taught. I think that is part of the sport of endurance - taking responsibility for your own riding skills and the well-being of your horse!! I am taking lessons occasionally to brush up on my riding skills, as I've been a lazy trail rider for the past 8 years and haven't really concentrated on the quality of my riding. When I decided to get started in endurance, I educated myself as much as possible by reading books and articles, talking to people (like all of you wonderfully patient people!), and practicing. I read about the importance of a balanced seat and good equitation skills, and decided I might need to brush up on my own skills and review some of the things I learned years ago. I didn't need a coach telling me to go to a clinic or take some lessons! I took it upon myself because I want to be the best partner for my horse. I respect and admire endurance riders so so so much, because of all the horse people I have known, as a group endurance riders seem to know the most about caring for, conditioning, and riding their horses! But I like the fact that anyone can participate - even if they aren't the best technical rider. While I want to improve my riding for my horse's sake, I don't want to feel like I'm being judged if I don't have the best seat or best posting position. That type of pressure and judgement, IMHO, belongs in an arena and not on the trail.
Another 1/2 cent worth -

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[RC] Clinics/Seminars, KimFue