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Re: [RC] MPG and diesel trucks - Milinda Ellis

That's about what my husbands old 1985 Chevy did.  It too was a bob-tail (flatbed) with a 454 and a 5-speed.  We figured that part of the problem was he built the bed so damned heavy (he also used it for his welding truck and dragging around our bulldozer)!!!  The 1992 3500 (regular pickup) had a 454, 5 speed, etc -- same as the 1994 dually and got better gas mileage (about 22mpg for the former and I'm thinking 16-18 for the latter).  Fenders on a dually contribute to wind-drag, too.
Jewett, Texas

Jody Rogers-Buttram <dragnin100@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I have you ALL beat on the worst mpg....I have the old grey dinosaur, F-350 flatbed, oh, a 1988 model.  It gets the same loaded or not....a whole whooping 9-10 mpg !!!!!

Milinda Ellis <beargrass_cleveland_bays@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I have a 1997 F-250 Powerstroke diesel 2wd with a HD 5-speed and 160K miles on it.  I average 22 mpg running empty with the tailgate up.  I average 16mpg pulling an 18' [steel] stock combo w/dressing room and two LARGE mares in it, with all our "supplies."  Don't know how fuel economy would improve if I drove with the tailgate down (less wind-drag).  I also don't run A/C in the truck.
I get about 18-19mpg 'in town'.  I use cruise a lot because I have a lead foot.  Diesel here is $2.89/gallon so I stay home alot.  Not only is fuel cost lower here, but so are wages...
Milinda Ellis
Beargrass Cleveland Bays
Jewett, Texas

Debbie Lyons <deblyons51@xxxxxxx> wrote:
My friend calculated the mileage of their F-350 diesel truck and they are actually getting 20 MPG driving around town. I'm curious what the mileage others are getting with diesel trucks. We have a 2002, Ford F-350, getting 15-16 in town and 11-12 towing. Wish we were getting 20 MPG with diesel at $3.20 per gallon.

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