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Re: [RC] unregistered pure-breds - Lynn Kinsky

Amen to that and the AHA is an a guilty party in this who sorted mess. With the current process of DNA testing anyone that buys an Arabian and can prove it by DNA should be able to register it independent if they "bought the papers" or not.

Of course for a gelding I could never figure out why anyone cared.


The standard DNA testing that AHA and other breed registries do does not establish *breed* -- it establishes parentage, which is the whole point of a registry anyway. Of course, if you know who the parents of your unpapered horse are supposed to be and both have their DNA on file, your horse's DNA plus the parent's registration numbers (or some other way for the testing lab to access the parents' DNA records) would allow parentage to be established and papers issued. OTOH, papers/registration paperwork is sometimes withheld for a valid reason -- the stud fee was never paid, a contract involving right of first refusal or bellies or breedings due before transfer wasn't honored. Yes, it's too bad for the person who buys such a horse, but it's like buying a car without a pink slip transfer: sorting out the mess can be a problem. And an expensive one (once all fees, late penalties, etc-- never mind contractual items -- are assessed) in the case of a horse.

 Lynn Kinsky, Santa Ynez, CA


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