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Re: [RC] attitude - Katy

Yes but Keith - are you "old"..."afraid of Arabs" and..."Handicapped"?  :-)
KT - owner of both Arabs and TWH's!!!!  And, I'm not OLD either!
Keith Kibler <kwkibler@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
First of all, I did not show up with any kind of attitude except to learn and do our best. I did ask questions along the way building up to this (thank you specifically to Truman who told me we were ready when we talked about the training we had done)
Blues and I started training specifically for this event Jan 1 and averaged about 3 times a week riding. The race day itself marked right at 500 miles of riding since Jan 1.
   My comment about "kicking some Arab butt" was in a private email to Amber about a year ago when I started exploring the subject of endurance on a gaited horse. It was not directed to anyone or at anyone. She then posted a part of that comment in a manner which was out of context and in a manner to embaress me. I have thick skin. 
   However, that being said, I humbly apoloqize for any offense I have given by that private remark. I am a type A personality and love to plan stuff and then tackle it.
   The point of my story was to encourage others to try what we did and to also point out the behavior itself so it might be changed. If my wife or some of the others I ride with had been treated in the same way I was treated they would have left in tears. 
I really dont want that to happen.
   As I told both the people who said "You will never win on a horse like that" I like this endurance thing, but I love my horses more.
To finish IS to win.
Keith KIbler
Shawnee Gaitin Farms     

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[RC] attitude, Keith Kibler