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[RC] Treeless saddles - sherry gold

Hi all...I'm needing help here.  I have a treeless saddle- thought=
 it'd be my answer to having 2 horses with different backs and when my=
 Aussie even after re-flocking was not a good fit for my Arab =
 Now, less than a year later and 2 treeless saddles later, I have=
 the "white hair syndrome" on both my horses withers and along=
 his spine=  Just appeared one day last week=  I have always=
 checked for soreness after every ride, and have never found anyin the past.=
  I have, however, only done one 50 in it, which was about a=
 month ago=I am at my witts end and feel awful I now have=
 possible scars=  Anybody else have any of these issues and what=
 to do?  I do like the saddle otherwise and am tired of playing=
 the saddle fitting game=  I use a HAF pad, but do have an=
 equipedic and supracor=I was wondering about using the supracor=
 under the haf?= Any suggestions? To stay treeless or move on? 
sherry :)