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Re: [RC] Question about hives - Lady Monalaina

Sounds a lot like my mare who gets horrible hives. Lady was in a stall almost 24 hours a day unless being ridden or turned out in the dirt arena. Every winter she would break out into nasty hives. The last breakout was probably about a year and a half ago. Since then she has moved 3 times and went from living inside all the time to living out. We concluded that she was just allergic to Milpitas Ca. (lots of dirt and rain) since Pacifica, Moss Beach and now Maryland do not seem to make her pustulate.

Dot Wiggins <dotwgns@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Friend got a new horse, from large stable , mostly stalled, where she has
been for more than 6 months, in excellent health.

Moved the mare to her house, large dry lot, two other healthy horses. She
was wormed with ivermectin and got both 4 way vaccine and Ft Dodge WN (same
lots given to 9 others shortly before) Fed alfalfa/grass mix hay, also
fed to all the others.

Within 48 hours she started breaking out with hives, neck shoulders. Vet
saw her, gave a shot of banimine and started oral steroids. Within 30
minutes she had lots more and larger hives break out. Vet said it would
get better soon, a reaction to the banimine.and she did improve. Hives did
not go away with several days of the steroids, vet had her start oral
anti-histamin paste on Monday, so far not worse, but no real improvement
Vet is suggesting allergy to dust, (it isn't really dusty here yet, too
much rain) change in hay, I think she was mostly on alfalfa, or something
else in the area.

Mare has never, so far, been itchy or sensitve to touch, is bright and
cheerful, just lots of ugly bumps.

Anybody have anything like this happen? What did you do, ????

Thanks for any info.

Dot Wiggins


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[RC] Question about hives, Dot Wiggins