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[RC] hundred miler Junior brag - Genie

The Junior that rides with me rode her 1st hundred at Blue Bonnet, it was also the horses 1st hundred.  Why did she choose to ride a hundred, because of the blanket that was offered last year to juniors doing two 1-hundreds in one year.  (Hope their giving it again this year).  Then she would only do it if I sponsored her, her mother was riding with us.
Also we rode this without a crew, her mother and I would take care of horses after vetting through so she could rest.  Her mother trotted out both horses the last two checks, the 30 minute holds were hard, we were always late 5 minutes leaving.
There were two very hot loops on which we had to slow down for the juniors horse, but rider was doing good until last two loups.  Of course it was about 2am by then, she seem to have trouble staying awake, but she hung in there like a real hundred miler trouper.  We were out for 23 hours, tough for a 12 year old.  Marissa Stevens I am proud of you.
She is already planning on her 2nd hundred.  Her horse did great, didn't look as tired as ours the next day, and we were riding hundred miler vetrens.
So come on your riders, if a 12 year old can do it, so can you.
The only discouraging part of this ride was the awards.  It was T-shirts which was fine.  But we all wear mediums, they tell us their sorry all's we have left is lg and xlg.  I should think if people are willing to ride a hundred and they think they don't have enough shirts they need to get their size before hand.  This was actually the 3rd shirt we received this year and on all three we were told , sorry no more mediums.
Genie 8351  (40 hundreds)