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RE: [RC] Do Dixie Midnight Pads need to be replaced regularly? - Betty Edgar

Further on Dixie Midnight Pads.  I have no idea what their composition is, however, I've been using them for many years, probably more than 10, and have the following observations.  My first one DID get stiff and scratchy after many, many training and 50-100 mile rides on different horses.  It is rare that I don't hose off the DM pad after every use and hang it somewhere out of the sun, usually in the barn alley to dry.  Seems to me that getting the sweat out of it would prolong it's life. . . maybe it doesn't matter.   Anyway, I replaced it but at that time there was apparently no guarantee because I paid full price for it.
Secondly, shedding hair works its way thru the DM pad and you want too protect your saddle from that at least during the heavy shedding period in the spring.   With some saddles and some horses I use another pad between the DM and saddle, sometimes not.  Bottom line for me is that I really like the DM pad and the  time saved in washing saddle pads is well worth the cost of the DM.
Betty Edgar
NW Region
Bottom line: Examine PVC horse tack frequently and replace it when it gets stiff.
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Re: [RC] Do Dixie Midnight Pads need to be replaced regularly?, Sisu West Ranch