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Re: [RC] Zingaro, Cavalia & Epoch Dressage - Tom Sites

Angie, why frown? It is impossible for anyone to know what i've come up with, and its not new, as it started as a radio transmission in Vietnam in 1968 so its had plenty of time to jell.

Zingaro has suspense and beautiful movements. Cavalia has not the suspense but more activity. Neither has words, and my words are not suitable to RC as i deal with real life feelings and experience and not a sugar-coated view of Pleasantville. ts
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I would assume, that since its OK to discuss Zingaro and Cavalia because they are Horse Performances, it would also be OK to talk >>>about Epoch Dressage, my Grand Opera on 7 Scrolls and 4 Parts? Since there are 4 Main Horse Characters and a multitude limited only >>>by participation, based upon the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse using the 4 Jungian Archetypes as personality orders, i would not be >>>frowned upon with discussion? ts

If I'm frowning...it's because I'm thinking...really hard trying to imagine what Tom's come up with now.



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