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[RC] thanks and another - Juli Jakub

I wanted to thank everyone for the wealth of support and knowledge I have gotten on my question about how to possibly think of doing endurance. I was feeling pretty discouraged and now I feel like it may be possible and doable.
I do have another question...my four year old Morab is having swelling in the legs...looks like windpuffs in the rear fetlocks left hind is more wind puffy...right hind is more filled like stocking up...goes up and down for no apparent reason. Sometimes her fronts swell nd stock up a little too. Better in cooler weather however...worse in hot weather. No heat, no lameness, no tenderness. Vet thinks maybe an allergic reaction to something...he is unsure though. Horse is out 24/7 on grass pasture and is not worked that hard and was only started recently although she was backed at 2 and a half...but just backed and walked for 5-10 minutes...I am 115 lb with all my tack. She started trotting lightly at three and started light canter at 4. Eats well, drinks alot but always has been a big drinker, no fever I check two times a day, has good capillary refill. Farrier was just in Sunday...feet look great no sign of founder or anything. Attitude is normal although she seems more lethargic at times. Buted her at first no major difference...anyone ever seen this before or had experience? It happened to her last summer too...later in the summer however. The vet said o continue riding as it is causing her no problem and with edema he said he would rather see her getting those juices flowing...I wrap her in polos in the hind at his request also. If anyone has any advice i would love to hear it. Thanks,

<P>Juli Jakub</P>
<P>The Air of Heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears.</P>
<P>~ arabian proverb</P></DIV></html>


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