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[RC] Rain in CA. - L gin

Sounds like Georgia to me....rain daily ....puting on nylon 'overpants, rubber boots, slicker , rainhat...carrying two full feed buckets, unplugging the charger at the house without getting shocked, cause the handle over the gate will shock you if you don't on a rainy day; having soaked muddy horses 'greet' you at he gate , ---then trying to clean muddy, soaked poop off the stall mats 'cause they have been seeking the barn for days out of the rain, except when going to the bale to eat, then try to carry it beyond the gravel to dump, knowing the wheelbarrow will get stuck in 8" of mud, your boots will get 'sucked off' by the mud, and you may fall in a heap in the mud as the wheelbarrow flips. Tryint to time your feedng between lightening strikes---or radar blips... having to hand around the barn or come back down and change clothes again , cause you got to wait for the old guy to finish his--while the others all finisha nd come to see if they can unlatch his stall and snag some --only the "bump, bump ' 'QUIT "'bump bump " Quit" as they pull on the now unlatched door, that has a closed hook on a length of electric fence tape meant to stymie them....
They you realise you really HAVE to put out another round bale, and where can you drive the tractor where you won't get stuck and the bale isn't in a really mucky depression.Then you have to climb down and get the round bale 'ring' and roll it by hand thru the mud and manure to place on the new bale, cause nope, you can't put the bale in the same place , cause their is a foot of mud and manure and refused hay around the old spot, and you know how nasty that spot is an dcan't do that to your horses.................
I FEEL YOUR MISERY........REALLY CAN RELATE............;0) Laurie


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