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[RC] Biltmore - rides2far

Just in the door, not going to do a full report yet but since nothing's
been posted will help out those who are waiting.

The weather made it tough...TO GET OUT OF BED!  Friday was gorgeous and
gave us a false sense of hope. Cool breeze, blue skies. Around 10 PM it
started to flash lightning in the distance. Then the light rain hit which
I had faith would stop since the forecast had been 30% chance of evening
showers and sunny Sat. Ha. It rained harder, thundered louder and was bad
all night. Nothing like the sound of rain on a trailer roof and the sight
of your miserable horse out in it. It rained hard and steady, thunder &
lightning ALL night. I just lay there trying to decide whether to start
since Josie's horse would be doing his first ride ever, he means the
       WORLD to her, and the trail would obviously be awful. I got up at 5:30
and walked to the big tent. Word was they said the front had stalled and
it would be on again off again all day. :-(  More thunder. The 100's were
saddling up and getting ready to start with it still going. Went back to
the trailer and finally told Josie "We've got $300 invested, let's ride a
loop and decide". Then it just stopped. We saddled with no rain and rode
all day in the dry.  The trail was trashed though. Deep sticky mud

That evening, around 5 PM it hit again. The 100's rode the next 5 to 12
hours in rain. Boy, I have NEVER been so happy *not* to be in a 100. Lots
of pulls. Many RO just to get out of it.  The queen of tough won and got
BC...Jody Buttram on Aries....that's the horse I was entered on until
Jody's first string horse Rose went lame a few weeks back. I don't care
if she did win, I feel like sending Rose a thank you note for not letting
me be in that one!  I told Jody Aries was a really nice horse. :-))

That's all for now. I think something like 57 out of 85 or so finished in
the 50 and remember Stagg saying the 100 had a better than 50% completion
rate which is amazing.  One tough bunch of horses and certifiably insane

For the chronically bored I'll write our ride story later. :-)



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