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[RC] Rope Halter Warning !!! - Ridecamp Guest

Please Reply to: Rob Losey jrlosey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx or ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

A rope halter is just a piece of rope with six knots in it. All rope halters 
can be adjusted to fit any horse, or goat, steer, or mule for that matter. That 
only question for the larger heads is do you have enough rope. Any rope halter 
you get from anyone can and should be custom adjusted to the specific animal. 
That is one of the great things about a rope halter. Anyone using a rope halter 
should take the time to study where the rope travels through the halter. How to 
loosen and retighten the knots, and how to slip the rope through the knots to 
change the size of any part of the halter to insure a perfect fit.

A rope halter is not just a halter, it's also a training tool. It should never 
be left on a horse that is not in your immediate and direct supervision. I 
won't tie them with the hard 1/4 rope the some use. The smaller the rope the 
harsher the halter. Many use the 1/4 because it's cheaper. Think of hiking with 
a back pack. The pack has wide straps to distribute the weight on your 
shoulders. If you replaced the wide straps with rope with knots in it. It would 
dig into your shoulders and hurt like heck. This is why rope halters work for 
training. When you apply pressure your horse knows it and pays attention. Rope 
halter works great but they are not just fancy halters made of rope. You should 
think of a rope halter like a training bit. Both great tools if use properly, 
but in the wrong hands, or misused it can cause sever pain and damage.

I bought my Annabelle when she was 5 years old. When I got her she had a 
distinct white line across her poll. I suspect someone had misused a rope 
halter when she was young. I'm thankful that the only damage done was the white 
line on her poll that she'll carry for the rest for her life.

Rob and Annabelle

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