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[RC] Dice again - Tracey Lomax

Title: Dice again

Im beginning to despair so excuse me if this is maudlin.

He started a fever again at 12pm, and despite cold hosing and covering him in a wet day sheet, its not come down.  I have now put bute in his feed, and am hoping it will work.  Last night it didnt and I had to re-bute him at 2am.

His head is more swollen.

Despite that hes still eating and drinking and cuddling and generally himself, even to the point of nipping Roderick at some point yesterday evening (hes a mommys boy and dad was interfering).

Rod also lost his grandfather this afternoon, so please spare a thought for him, as hes now grieving.

Shit, I feel as if I dont know where to turn.  Saw my vet today who cant suggest anything more.  Have run out of homeopathic muti and reluctant to get more as it didnt seem to help, bute did more.

He responds to the dagga, and to the reiki and I actually went out and bought crystals for his stable.  Tom Ivers would be spinning like a top, (sorry, Ti, desperate times J).

Jaime has just come and put her arms around me and said Mother, remember, weve always been okay.  Wise words coming from a 3yo, and it reminded me that it was she who said I just have to believe that Dice will be okay, Mother.

Oh, and she calls me Mother because thats what Bambi calls his mother.