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[RC] Cookie/cake repellant - diet tips - heidi larson

rides2far@xxxxxxxx wrote:

people like that talk to you and want to discuss dishes that they love,
change the subject and talk about your favorite workout. They'll soon
quit talking to you at all. Do not discuss diets. They could talk diets
all day.


This is sooooo true!!  I've been on a "severe" workout regimine and diet for almost exactly one year, getting ready in 16 days for a Figure competition (version of bodybuilding on huge muscles are not the goal) and here at my office, they eat crappy food, sweets, fastfood etc. about 3 days per week +++, I just avoid the break room and eat in my office.  They all love to discuss food and diets, but no one has taken me up on joining me at the gym yet, a few started to "diet" in January, but I see M&M's on their desks already and it's only March!  They keep saying they don't know how I do it, well, it's really not all that tough, I swear once you get the crappy food out of your system it's even easier and sugar is such an addictive thing!  (Right now I'm somewhat carb depleting, so it has been a bit tough, I'm subject to crying at any time) and having a personal trainer accounting your menu you turn in every 3 days and making you accountable is a HUGE help!!
You dieters, you can do it!!  Keep the goal in mind, we all have one.  Even if it's just to give your horse a bit of a break.  Riders with stronger muscles and less "cargo" has to be a good thing! 
Helpful hints on dieting I've learned:
eat breakfast
eat often (every 1.5-2.5 hours) think like your horse-be a grazer!
drink 1 gallon of water daily
eat carbs before 6 pm
cut out processed foods
and most importantly, Plan/Prepare and Pack your lunch!
heidi - who is currently allowed 1200 calories per day right now :( and half has to come from protein!

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[RC] Cookie/cake repellant, rides2far