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RE: [RC] [RC] Young Ride/Junior FEI Endurance Competitions - Steph Teeter - Steph Teeter

John - it's younger than '16', not '18' - for needing a sponsor, and/or a waiver - and this is ONLY to comply with AERC rules.
FEI does NOT require a sponsor (adult company) for Junior and Young Rider entries.
 In the 2007 WEC for Young Riders and Juniors, in Argentina, they will all compete together (14 yrs to 21yrs) and will not require any 'sponsor' (adult company).

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I'm still working on this, but for CEI** they must be members of USEF+AERC and, if they are younger than 18, must ride with a sponsor or have an AERC waiver. The horse needs normal entry criteria (6 (or 7) years, passport, vacinations).

I think that is it, but I'm not authoritative and maybe the USEF people will correct me if I missed something.


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   I have a question about Junior/young rider FEI  rides/championship.  Are junior riders/young riders subject to the same fee structure/horse passporting requirements for national FEI rides and membership requirements as senior riders in FEI.  I guess I am asking if the cost for a junior rider to try an FEI ride or qualify for a FEI Junior Championship the same as an adult rider?

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