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[RC] [RC] Young Ride/Junior FEI Endurance Competitions - Steph Teeter - Steph Teeter

Kim - I'm not exactly sure - the USEF fees are less (half I think), they still need FEI fees, and still need to pay USEF High Performance Fees (way too much!). The horses have to be passported for CEI*** rides (75 and 100 miles) but not CEI** rides.
We are going to offer substantial discounts to YR and J entries at Owyhee 100 - enough to offset most of the USEF fees - Hopefully! Not sure yet how much we can discount, but it will be something.
Maybe (hint hint) somebody could work up exactly what it takes for YR and J's to compete - USEF, FEI - paperwork, fees, etc. and we could publish a FAQ for them.
(hint hint)
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Subject: [RC] [RC] Young Ride/Junior FEI Endurance Competitions - Steph Teeter

   I have a question about Junior/young rider FEI  rides/championship.  Are junior riders/young riders subject to the same fee structure/horse passporting requirements for national FEI rides and membership requirements as senior riders in FEI.  I guess I am asking if the cost for a junior rider to try an FEI ride or qualify for a FEI Junior Championship the same as an adult rider?

[RC] [RC] Young Ride/Junior FEI Endurance Competitions - Steph Teeter, KimFue