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[RC] peeing on trail - Jody Rogers-Buttram

Ok, with all this talk about the peeing, pooping and "other bodily functions"...I have a word of advice to give.
Two years ago at the Big South Fork ride.  Joni and I got ready to start, but before getting on the horse, I decided to start my day off with a nice shot of Wild Turkey.  So, on the horse and down the trail.  Got off and ran down a big, long hill with Rose in hand...at the bottom is a big creek.  Well, guess who has to pee like a Russian Arabian Racehorse !!!!  Two mistakes.
  • Don't drink Wild Turkey unless you can get off a pee....soon.
  • Don't drink Wild Turkey, get off and RUN, unless you really want to have to pee.  Something about that jarring.
Ok, Joni is holding Rose, she was on Aries (who is the most patient horse) we are maybe 3 miles from the start, horses are everywhere.  Finally there is a chance to pee.  So, I am peeing, and Rose and Aries get tangled up and Joni lets Rose go.  Here goes my horse, into the creek, and then down the creek.  I am pulling up my pants screaming to Joni, "Go GET HER".  I just knew she would cross and hit the trail and go to catch up with the others.  So Joni is just walking thru the creek, Rose is now around the bend and out of sight.  Finally, after what seemed like forever....here they all came.  Joni is off in the water, up to her waist, leeding both horses !!!  Poor, cold, wet kid.  She had to get off to untangle Rose's reins.  That kid rode the whole ride, never changed clothes, had water in her boots.  And didn't whine.  Can't say I wouldn't have whined.  But, since then....she says, "Mamma, you can hold your own horse to pee".

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Re: [RC] peeing on trail, Joe Long