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RE: [RC] Arabians in Cass County - Mary Golden

""I wonder how long these horses have been at their current location, and =
if these photos are current. They looked to be in fairly good condition, =
and I know recovery from neglect & near starvation doesn't happen =
quickly. Could it be that the owner IS being judged too quickly & =
Actually, I will not post my whole experience here, but I did have dealings with the woman in question (Penny Harlan) back in 2003 and her horses should have been seized a long time ago.  I know I called Animal Control after we were there...and while we WERE at the farm, Harlan laughed and said that AC had been called just weeks before because of complaints.  She thought it was FUNNY and that people were doing it because they were "jealous of her" and wanted her horses.  I have a horse we got from her farm who was in very poor condition when we got her and she looked a hundred times better in just mere weeks after we brought her home.  I won't post the whole episode of the dealings I had with her here, but if you go to www.ablackhorse.com and find the forums; then scroll down to the Equipac Rescue and Rehoming forum and them click onto the thread about the MI horses.  My entire experience is there.
Mary Golden