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[RC] Ladies Only - Carolyn Burgess

Libby is much more technically skilled than I am!  I use the same tampons, but I have to stop to change them, but I am still mounted. I also go to the back of the line of horses to do this.  Bring a small ziplock back (the ones with the slide.  Put a diaper wipe (like the kind you use for babies) in the zip lock, that way it will stay moist (and warm if you keep it on you), you have a place to dispose of the tampon and a way to do a quick clean up.  If you wear undies, have several changes at the hold along with more of the diaper wipes.  I wouldn't recommend wearing a pad.  I get really bad chafing just sitting on the sofa watching TV.  Can't imagine wearing them for 50 miles and subjecting that area of my body to that kind of abuse!
Carolyn Burgess

Libby & Quentin Llop DVM <qhll@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
  If you use the kind of tampon without an applicator (O.B.) you can change them without dismounting.Two point for a bit. I can do this at the trot and canter. So, if your riding in a group just drop back to last and no one will ever know. Who looks back when they are cantering? They don't take up much room in a pocket new or zip lock bag used. If your lucky you don't have a gray horse so you can wipe your hands without it showing. Have changes of tights at the vet checks. I've noticed that having arrived at the flood zone age, the when is harder to predict too.   Libby
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This is for ladies only- concerning female stuff-so all men delete now or forever hold your piece. (no pun intended).
Now, what if you've signed up in advance for a ride, only to get to the ride right when your "aunt Flo" has arrived.  Not just average "Flo" but the "Flood Zone".  Do you cancel or go anyway ? And if you go, how do you manage changing your "female hygiene products" on the trail every hour or so ? (I can imagine me squatting behind a tree, trying to hold my horse and change my "diaper" at the same time, and then have to carry my waste in a garbage bag with me till the finish).  I'm sure a lot of you have experienced this, so what did you do? Any tips ?   Thanks.     Vicki

RE: [RC] Ladies Only, Libby & Quentin Llop DVM