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RE: [RC] [RC] My geldings are gay...and changing names thrown in - Tracey Lomax

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Ginny wrote:
Geldings can, however, smell mares in heat a long distance away; but maybe
there aren't any mares in heat that your gay geldgins can smell from their
There's a polo yard next door and the mares spend all day at the fence squatting and urinating at my geldings (why they don't bother with the geldings in their own "mixed" herd, I'm not sure.)  Maybe they're also gay....maybe there's a whole gay community thing going on.  Like a little gay kibbutz.  Maybe they all sit around atnight listening to old Frankie Goes to Hollywood CD's or singing "YMCA", who knows really, WHAT they get up to at night, when they're not out raping mares....
Harry (racing name Little Red Devil which we thought was inappropriate for a 16.2hh gonna-be-built-like-a-bus TB) spends a fair amount of his time fluttering his lashes at them and going "Dolly, wherever DID you get that pretty pink halter, it's SO last season").  On the name thing, this is a horse who walks into telephone poles if you don't steer him around them so I wanted to register him as Zoolander but Roderick said NO!!!  His barn name is "Harry", so we're registering him as "Just Harry".  This horse is so accident-prone that it couln't possibly be unluckier to change his name.
Barney (racing name Blistering Barnacles), flexes his muscles at the mares and goes "anyone seen my dumbells" as he minces round the paddock glancing in the arena mirrors to make sure his mane is not out of place.
Toc (racing name Four Gated City), otherwise known as the Great Equaliser, the Ego-leveller, or simply the High Lord of Hell (and yes, I have entered him in shows under that name when the organisers have allowed it), basically just rolls his eyes at the pretty young thangs and makes acerbic comments under his breath about how positively silly it is to have a pulled tail when you don't have the butt for it.
And Diceman just herds the pony away going "he's mine, all mine".

Re: [RC] [RC] My geldings are gay, Dbeverly4