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Re: [RC] Horse experts: I'm confused Ginny - Barbara Moulton

Why is my beautiful mare rejected by all the different
geldings has has been pastured with for the past 6
years?  She must have such emotional pain... I see her
encouraging the boys at every opportunity but they
totally ignore her. She is desperately promiscuous
when in heat to any gelding but no-one even talks back
to her anguished sqeals and ridiculous posturing. Is
this race card rearing it's ugly head?  Joy is a
mustang and she has been pastured with QHs MorganX,
Paints, Appies, TWHs and mules and burro geldings.  I
looked for help from Mr. Ned on your web pages and
according to him heroic geldings consider their mare
herdmates part of their "family" to be protected and
bonded with.  Are the evil raping geldings you find
everywhere in your expert opinion really incestuous
psychopaths?  Isn't there some wonder herb to balance
the frustrated dumb mute alien incestuous psychopath
geldings? Wait maybe those bad boys just need to have
a natural wild mare in with them to remind them they
are supposed to be domesticated and to behave
themselves.  The three stikes your out BLM mares could
have a new career going to serve as sex therapists to
confused amoral misunderstood domestic geldings
sharing a pasture with other mares.  OMGosh I am so
glad you are a dog expert too  what about neutered
dogs?  Is Huck my hound dog fixed as a puppy leading a
secret life out pillaging and raping becoming a
menance to the neighborhood?
Barbara, Joy ( who needs a gelding now I got a foal on
the way thanks Wizard) and Huck ( out roaming after
dark look out little girl puppies)

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Re: [RC] Horse experts, Laney Humphrey