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[RC] Re; Dog Question - Tracy Cann

Hi Alice,
Couldn't get your email so thought I'd give you mine.  EBBYPONY@xxxxxxx  I've had problems like yours more than once unfortunately and I work at Lackland AFB as a Military Working Dog Handler so I might be able to help.  Ok, actually probably not.  When you get two males, or females for that matter, who can't work out who is going to be dominant and the fights get serious, there's not much you can do but find a home for one of them or keep them separate forever.  It will get worse believe it or not.  I've seen dogs nearly die in these situations.  You can't teach them not to do it when it goes this far.  It's instinct and doesn't really have that much to do with you.  Being jealous of each other getting attention from you does make it worse but deep down it's "wolf mentality" and that is in every dog, be they Pomeranian or Rottweiler.  Your best bet on dogs getting along for life is those of opposite sexes.  I unfortunately have 6 dogs now so I just built a 130' by 40' pen to separate the ones that hate each other and can't work it out.  Some dogs of the same sex can decide on who is dominant and be best friends forever but when they can't there isn't much you can do.  Sorry I couldn't give you better news.  email me if you want to talk about it.