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RE: [RC] [RC] ? [RC] LA Gumbo Ride-horse lost for 29 hrs found - KeepsakeFarms

I was right behind Mary Ann when she went down.  She was out of my sight, but 
her horse was definitely moving fast when he left and took a side trail.  We 
would have gone after him ourselves, but he was going that fast and, on top of 
the fact that my friend was riding a stallion, we really thought that when her 
horse figured out that no one else was going with him, he would head back to 
find other horses.  Unfortunately, we were wrong.  I am still feeling guilty.

My friend and I practically rode drag- coming in from the 55 after dark and 
claiming turtle.  We saw not a trace of evidence of this horse as we rode 17.5 
miles of trail and were the last out that night.

I really hope that the horse is fine after such a horrible experience and I 
know that Mary Ann was a wreck- who could blame her?  

The ride was wonderful except for sink holes that would form in firm looking 
trail- one of which my friend and her horse flipped over in- possibly breaking 
Jen's ankle- thank god not her horse's.  I think that is what probably happened 
to Mary Ann on this trail- a sink hole upened up under the puddle she was going 
through.  You could see the bottom of most puddles- many of which you HAD to go 
through- no way around- one of which is the one she went down in.  In her 
defense, she was not blindly walking through things- we rode with her for a 

I rode this entire ride with my heart in my throat- it is horrible to feel like 
you might go down at a slow trot when sturdy-looking ground just disappears out 
from under your horse's feet.  My gelding and I ate dirt twice- thank goodness 
we did not flip all the way over and he did not break or hurt a leg.  Mary Ann 
is a strong person to be able to handle all that she did and I hope the best 
for her.

Linda Joyner
AERC #m20425


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