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Re: [RC] Which horse to buy? - DESERTRYDR1

I have an Arabian mare, her daughter, Anglo-Arab, and a 3-coming-4 
Thoroughbred mule.  I have done LD on the Arab, a couple of endurance rides and 
some LD 
on the Anglo, and I bought the mule as an endurance prospect as a yearling.  I 
love 'em all, but I have definitely seen differences in their temperaments 
and learning curves.  The mule is a VERY different type of animal, and the same 
approaches don't work as worked with my horses.  But of the three, the mule is 
the one who always LOVES my attention, and is always ready to stick her head 
in the halter (we'll see if that changes when we go to riding.)  

As everyone else pointed out, the best horse for you is the one you share a 
bond with.  That might happen right away, as in hit you like a thunderbolt, or 
it might take a while, like it did with my Arabian mare.  I rode her for 
someone else for about four months, and didn't really bond with her til we went 
camping, then it was like no other horse would do.  I cried for three days when 
thought she was being sold to someone else, til my Mom took pity and loaned 
me the money to buy her, probably to keep me from crying myself to death.  
Don't know if she felt so strongly for me, but she has always been MY girl, and 
19, I can still take her out for a fun ride (well, at least after her new 
baby is on the ground and I recover from my boo-boo.)



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