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[RC] FEI - commodity vs. longevity - Ridecamp Guest

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It is not uncommon in other FEI disciplines (dressage/jumping) to see horses in 
their teens.....(15, 16....) that have been competing for years.  These horses 
are not trained to be a one-event flash in the pan.  We KNOW endurance horses 
can compete for YEARS if given the right training/care, etc.  It seems 
RIDICULOUS to have the highest level of endurance (FEI supposedly) reward 
one-ride-wonders.   It all comes down to the FEI qualifications.  I found 
Leonard's comment interesting that the UAE folks don't take their horses to 
France.  Don't think we'll see them bringing their horses to Tevis, either.

Fact -- the newcomer countries to FEI endurance are learning from the UAE 
model.  If they're competitive, they can figure out what it takes to win.

Most folks in the U.S. view their horses differently than those in the UAE and 
probably other countries, too.  That's what it boils down to -- horse as a 
commodity, or horse as partner for YEARS. (Remember, they eat horses in 
France).  In the US endurance community, our focus has been on learning and 
caring for horses to EXTEND their careers -- not to find out how fast we can 
train a horse to do a fast 100.   My gut tells me that the majority of 
endurance riders do NOT view their horse as a commodity.

Money is a factor, of course, but everyone knows it ain't cheap to keep an 
endurance horse going for YEARS.

I, for one, do not support the direction of FEI.  As much as I treasure my 
hard-earned FEI medals, I am not interested in this venue and it's current 


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