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RE: [RC] [RC] Another Easyboot Epic question - Lysane Cree

Thank you for the response, Terry.
I just purchased my Epics in mid-October (2005), directly from the Easycare store, so I'm guessing I have the most up-to-date version of the gaiter (?). I'm not sure.

Terry Banister <ebeyrider@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Since my horse has never been shod, I have been doing 50 and 100-milers and
multi-days for the past few years with different boots, and now exclusively
with the Epics and Bares since they came out, and never altered the
breakover on any of them. In fact, I dont' take out the heel strap or alter
the Epics and Bares in any way, except to flatten the side teeth. And now, I
believe the new design will not even require that. The ultimate idea behind
my testing of the boots has been to acheive a design that can be used right
out of the box, and I think we are just about there.

Note: Early Epic gaiters were soft and did not rub the pastern, but they
tended to seperate and fall apart too soon. So, in order to improve
durability, some of last year's model gaiters were made with stiffer
neoprene and had topstitching, which did rub the pastern. This was not a big
deal on a one-day ride, but definitely created a problem on multi-day rides.
So if you have Epics with the heavy stitching at the top of the gaiters, you
should probably use vetwrap, like Karen Chaton has described on her site,
under the Epic gaiter for those longer rides. Old Mac Gaiters might also
work uder the Epic gaiter.

Now, the new (Epic/Bares) gaiters are softer and have a rolled top that does
not rub, so prewrapping the leg should not be necessary. Mud and debris has
never caused rubbing on any models of the Epics and Bares that I know of.
Since every horse is different, I suggest first using the boots as they
come, and only make alterations after the need appears. Save yourself some
stress. And remember, it seems to be fine to put the boots on the night
before the race. So when you tack up at 0-dark-hundred on race day, you
won't even have to pick your horse's feet :-P


>From: Lysane Cree
>To: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: [RC] Another Easyboot Epic question
>Date: Wed, 2 Nov 2005 09:33:16 -0500 (EST)
>Another question popped into my head just now - does anyone feel the need
>to roll the toe on the Epics more (than what is there)? Or has anyone
>I have been learning to trim and I bevel the edges around most of the front
>part of the hoof (mustang roll). The Epics have a bevel on the front only,
>not going towards the sides. Any thoughts?
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RE: [RC] [RC] Another Easyboot Epic question, Terry Banister