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Re: [RC] Exercise/cortisol/cushings - MarisR

what a complicated issue.  Cortisol is hte body's "stress" reaction, whether it is from emotional, physical, or illness.  Also, cortisol is produced is excess in peiole who are overweight.  As a result, sugar metabolism is changed, allowing more calories to be deposited in the body as storage (read FAT), in conjunction with insulin.  In addition, as the result of excessive cortisol, fat is deposited in different places, like under the skin, and in the abdomen, more so than with lower cortisol levels.  And, just like in horses who suffer from the same problems with Cushings, you can see stretch marks, abnormal hair growth, etc. 
In a different sense, we all have transient periods in our lives when cortisol levels are high.  Everytime we get sick, stressed, not enough sleep, right before a big event, after surgery, etc.  If we didn't, our cardiovascular systems would not handle the stress and we'd suffer from a serious "collapse" 
I reallly don't know what to make of the pills they advertise on TV.  the manufacturers are not real forthright in discussing what's in hteir pills, and givne scientific evidence that it works.  And because it's available without prescription, there is NO brnach of the government that investigates waht they advertise to see if they are telling the truth.  Caveat emptor. 
Maris Ramsay
Family physician