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Re: [RC] [RC-Digest Hot shoeing - Pvan19

Some of you have pointed out most of the reasons why a farrier would hot shoe a horse - however the most important reason is simply because you can bang away as much as you want at a cold piece of steel but it will never shape exactly the way you want it to! Apart from opening or closing the shoe there is not much else you can do to it when it's cold... so if you want a really precise fit..
A good farrier wil shape the shoe to the foot and not the other way around- and with cold shoeing there is only so much you can do
I see absolutely NO reason why hot shoeing should be more expensive than cold shoeing by the way! My farriers hot shoes more than 90% of the time - and he may or may not apply (very briefly!) the hot shoe to the foot or not depending mainly on how the horse deals with the sizzling & smoke.. for young or nervous horses he will cool the shoe first, apply it & heat it up again to adjust it if necessary.
Keep in mind that most farriers, like vets etc., have to deal with a lot of AWFUL customers - between misbehaving horses and owners... people who've read an article & decide they know all about shoeing... those who don't pay their bills.... those who leave post-its on the stable door ( they are NEVER there just so they don't have to pay straight up) "please ensure feet are trimmed properly" ( happened to my husband last week, came from a person who cannot pick out her horse's feet herself  'cause horse is so uneducated he won't let her), young horses which have never been handled and it's up to the farrier to teach them to lift their feet & stand... not to mention some of the awful conditions some horses live in & the constant losing of shoes due to very muddy fields, people riding twice a month & going for mad gallops in very deep footing... stables with layers & layers of acid manure eating away at the horse's feet & people complaining about hoof condition ( must be the farrier's fault!) etc etc, those owners who treat their horses like motorbikes....
I could go on & on... just thought I'd give a brief glimpse of the other side of the medal!
Thank god for those customers who are competent & compassionate with their horses, kind to & interested in what the farrier does and why, try to give him decent working conditions out of the cold & rain with reasonably clean horses to work on, listen to his advice and apply it, and who pay their bills - makes up for all the other ones.. (well most of the time anyway)
Being a farrier is a very tough physical job & pays little ( at least here in France it does) .... so most of them are pretty passionate about it otherwise they wouldn't last very long... they are human too and can make mistakes!