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[RC] selling horses - nickiyoung

My husband wanted me to post this question to ridecamp.  This post is not to 
try to sell a horse but is about buying or selling endurance horses in general. 
We always have multiple horses for sale on our farm (with 40 horses on the 
place it is hard not to!).  The majority of calls and emails we get from 
endurance folks are from people wanting a 15+H gelding that has completed 
several 50's with no issues - bonus if they have top tenned.  We have these for 
sale, now for the problem, they want them for $1000-1500.  Saddly we don't have 
those!!  What we do have are horses that are green broke with excellent 
endurance bloodline (proven lines) in this price range.  They are not currently 
conditioned and completing rides.  They need finishing and further training.  
When we mention these horses to people they have no interest.  Since we are not 
going to sell the horses that have already proven they can do 50s and even 100s 
for $1000 - our question is this.....would endurance riders rather pay $1500 
for a green prospect or would more people be willing to pay $3500 once we spend 
a year conditioning and getting the horse through some rides and have proven 
they are capable.  The particular horse in question is a 9 year old mare, very 
well bred for endurance, broke to ride but has been a broodmare for the past 
several years.  She has no issues other than being green.  We have 6 other 
riding horses that are currently doing 50's and 100's and with both of us 
having full time jobs we really don't have time to ride another.  My opinion is 
that endurance folks are not going to pay enough to make it worth our while to 
ride her to the point of taking her to some rides (I'd rather ride the others 
that are already going).  My husband wants to start riding her (with all our 
free time!) and see what we could get for her then.  We can sell her right now 
as a broodmare or trail horse for $1000-1500.  We want to downsize and this is 
one of the horses that needs to go so ...... do we sell her CHEAP as is or do 
we condition her and try to sell her for enough more to make it worth feeding 
her for the next 6-12 months?  I am as cheap as the next person but when I go 
to look at a $1000-1500 horse I don't expect it to have done anything in 
endurance.  I expect to have to condition and train and then find out what I 
have.  If the horse was $1500 and had finished some 50's, I would wonder what 
was wrong with it.  Nicki

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