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Re: [RC] The Universe/Definition of Endurance Horse - DVeritas

In a message dated 10/25/2005 7:19:50 P.M. Mountain Daylight Time, rides2far@xxxxxxxx writes:
Aren't the words "reasonable" and "endurance" mutually exclusive?
Okay, I'll bite, it seems to me that in order to meet the basic criteria of "an endurance horse," a horse must first evince the ability to ENDURE.  Endure the distance, endure the rider, endure the traveling, endure the hoopla, endure the application of a myriad of modalities (sane and insane), endure the weather, endure the terrain, endure the hands of pit crews, endure the sponges and buckets and mashes of secret concoctions, endure the vet checking intimate areas of the horse, endure gravel roads, endure long stretches without adequate water, endure supplements of every variety, endure rump rugs come undone and flapping beneath the tail, endure Chlorox bleach bottles banging the shoulders, endure two track starts in the dark then a quick downhill to Squaw Valley, endure the latest tack configurations, and........
OKAY.....An Endurance RACE Horse must go to endurance races and race.  The results of the effort being 1) Complete the Ride, or no booty.....then 2), sort out the finishing from there.